SmartNAVI 1.9

Fix the detection issues common in SmartNAVI products
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Work with SmartNAVI structures and enable the detection of NS4300N and NS2300N. Analyze the current version of the Dynamic Port values in your system and assess the possible changes. Automatically apply fixes to make the programs recognize ports and data transfers.

Installing Promise’s Smartnavi application enables control of most functions from a PC. Among other things, it lets you schedule backups of your PCs and start bittorrent downloads. With the latter, you drag and drop the .torrent file onto a “drop zone” – a small icon that floats on the Desktop.
Resolves issue with SmartNAVI being unable to detect NS4300N and NS2300N. The changes are required as Microsoft changed the Dynamic Port values used by Vista and Server 2008.Add System Shutdown, System Restart and Firmware version to NAS Management Add Plugin Versions under Configuration Plugin (NAS Management)

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